See How To Celebrate a safe Holi With Your Kids

Holi is the festival of joy and colors. This is the second most favourite Indian festival celebrated especially by all the children. Children are far excited about this festival and they start to plan holi long before it actually arrives. They love to celebrate this festival with friends and thus you’ll notice them making a distance from you and running behind their friends. Well, it is a festival to play with friend but we do understand your concern as a parent. Being a parent it is you responsibility to plan a safe holi with children, to take safety measures for your kid. Guide your little ones to play a holi fun filled and safe to make the festival safe and memorable.

Some tips on how to celebrate a healthy and a safe holi with your kids

Children eager enough can’t just wait to splash water mixed in color on each other. So while they are playing we advice you to keep an eye on them to look make sure that the colors not enter their eyes or they don’t swallow any. Color could be dangerous if taken orally inside. You have to be cautions and should take a good care of these things for your child to enjoy a safe holi.

Tips For Babies

* It is better to keep your baby indoor, away from all the noise and colors which contain chemical. They can cause allergies even if inhaled.
* We advise you to keep colors and other food items away from the babies.
* Don’t forget to feed your baby time to time, play holi but keep in mind that he needs to be fed.
* If you are taking your baby out make sure he is covered properly with clothes and that no color touches his skin.
* Keep your baby away from the water colors. Do not let him get wet as he catch cold.

Tips For Toddlers

* Use of organic colors will help you keep all the harmful chemical away from your children.
* Make sure your kid is away from the Holi fire at the time of Holika Dahan
* Make sure you make your toddler wear comfortable clothes
* Teach him how to play with colors.
* Teach him how he can close his eyes and lips while playing with colors.
* Keep your toddler distant from intoxicating drinks.
* Keep your family doctor’s number handy in any case of emergency.
* Also keep your first aid updated.

Tips For Children

Give limited balloons to your kid or don’t give them any. We understand it is fun to splash them but they are equally dangerous. They can lead to serious injuries.

Make them wear goggles or masks, they will protect their eyes and skin.

Before your child go out to play apply coconut oil to his body, it will help protect skin and also colors will get easily washed off.
Organic colors if taken in can be harmful too, so teach them to play safely.

Follow the above instructions and you’ll have an amazing and a safe Holi to remember forever. We care for you and your kids.

Have a Safe And A Colorful Holi!


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