Prevent your Kids from losing their masks and maximize their Protection

Face masks can help slow the spread of Covid-19. But the effectiveness of medical masks can be improved by ensuring that the masks are well fitted to the contours of the face to prevent leakage of air around the edges. After this pandemic, children around the country are required to wear masks in classrooms but the kids will have socially distant mask breaks, outdoor recess mask free, and obviously remove them during lunch. 

This raises a new question, how will your kids not lose their masks every day? Many parents have probably experienced the single missing sock, mitten, hat, or water bottle. But Babycouture is here for you with the solution to this problem, given below are a few accessories you can buy to prevent your kids from losing their masks in School.

Lanyard: Mask Lanyard is a cord or strap that is made up of stitched cloth and is adjustable. These lanyards are one of the best accessories you can go for. Kids love to wear mask lanyards to schools because these lanyards are available in different color shades and designs to provide the latest trendy looks to your children. 

Mask Saver: With a mask saver, kids won't lose their masks while they are in school or out. Mask savers are made up of polyester and at each end of the band, there are two snaps. You just need to put the band around-ear loops of the mask, snap the snaps together, and bingo! Now your children won’t lose their masks during recess or break time. 

What masks are best for kids?

Kids Masks

While selecting a mask, pay close attention to the fit; if a mask is not worn properly then it will lose much of its effectiveness. There should not be any gap along the sides of the face and around the nose. 

Many masks are competent in controlling the release of large droplets in those who are infected and a tighter fit will also improve the filtration of smaller aerosol particles. 

N95s and most surgical masks are designed for adults so they may not be as effective in protecting kids. On the other hand, cloth varieties usually fit children much better. They are always available in fun prints and so many different colors which help your kids feel comfortable in wearing masks.

Single-layered cloth masks are not recommended due to low filtration efficiency, whereas you can go for well-fitting triple-layered masks because they are as effective as surgical masks. 

Mask wearing tips for kids

Mask wearing tips for kids

The tips and recommendations for kids mask use mirror those for adults, so:

  • Avoid touching the outside of the mask. 
  • Always wash and sanitize your hands after touching the mask.
  • Store your masks in a separate bag. It is very important that the mask is not contaminated by any other items.
  • Make sure that mask covers both the nose and mouth.
  • Do not use maks with valves because they won’t prevent an infected person from spreading the virus. 

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