Tips For A Perfect Beach Vacation With Your Toddler

Well said by someone great that Life is a trip, plan your next vacation. And if you have a toddler than it become more interesting. Ya! Ya! We know that traveling with kids is a tough fight but it also super fun. But yes, you have to decide and pre plan lots of things before traveling with a toddler.

You need to take care of your toddler’s skin, his food, needs and many other things which are required on urgent basis. Packing for a vacation with toddler needs cautious packing. There are so many stuffs which mommy need to keep in mind before packing for vacations. Therefore we have come up with a to-do list which you must consider before you leave your residence for vacation with toddler.


swimwearCarry two set of clothes for each day of your vacation. If your baby is not potty trained then it would be beneficial for you to carry extra set of clothes and diapers as well. Please do not carry heavy fabric clothes and jeans as they are not beachy attires. Pack cotton fabric clothes and swimsuits for the beach and pool. Do carry a light jacket or shrug for your baby as it gets little cold at night near beach.

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beach ready babyThere are some must have accessories which you should defiantly carry when going for a beach vacation with toddler. Like sun umbrella, sunglasses, beach toys, hats, floats etc. Beach holiday without sand castle is just next to impossible, therefore, do carry sand bucket and shovel with you. Extra towels are mandate to pack, trust us you will be needing them all. You can easily get baby girl accessories online.



Keep a SPF 30 sunscreen lotion with you, which will almost block 97% of the sun ‘s rays and apply it after every two hours. Make sure that it is safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Do remember to let the sunscreen absorb in your baby’s screen before going into the water. Before reapplying the cream, dry their skin completely with the towel. This will protect your baby’s skin in beach.


Mushroom PastaYa! Ya! We know on vacations you would like to make your toddler taste all the sea food but wait first make sure and consult your doctor that they are not allergic to sea food. Or to be on safe side you can also try fresh topical fruits, rice, pasta, veggies, which are without any doubt great for kids.

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It’s very obvious that when you go for a beach vacation, you don’t wish to spend more on hotels as you hardly spend few hours there. But we would like to recommend you that try to book a kid-friendly hotel, because sometimes it may happen that sun is too hot to go on beach and there is possibility of high tides. So, at that time your kid need to be at hotel with you and to entertain her that time will be difficult for you. Therefore, if the hotel has kiddie pool, some indoor games or may be a special toddler meal, trust us that will save you a lot from that “i am getting bored” Expression of your baby.

Hope these packing as well as toddler handling tips on beach vacation will help you to enjoy your whole journey as well as will give you sometime to spend quality time with your family. Don’t worry about the important stuffs that you have to carry with you, you will easily going to get them all at various online baby stores. So, pull up your socks and start planning the most memorable beachy vacation with your toddler this summer.

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