Ultimate Guide For Your Children To Get Dressed

Kids grow up very fast. One day they are easy newborns and before you know it they head off to preschool. Those few first years of adolescence are loaded with growth and learning. One area of growth is when kids learn how to dress themselves and this area is very important for your kids to be responsible while also having fun about what he is wearing. But getting your kid to learn how to dress themselves is very easier said than done. You can always search online stores like baby couture to buy Boys and girls dresses online at the best rates. All the dresses are sorted according to the age and occasions for your little kids. 

Why it is important for your child to learn how to get dressed

As adults, we do not think twice about our dressings, it seems like second nature for us. But it is a very tricky and rewarding thing for your kid to learn because getting dressed helps your children develop many other skills too such as:

  • While dealing with shoelaces and zippers: Fine motor skills.
  • To pull a pair of pants and socks when she stands on one leg: Gross motor skill.
  • When she remembers which series of clothing to go first, build the patience to finish the task: Cognitive skills.
  • As she remembers the types, colors, sizes, and names of exclusive kids’ wear you brought from babycouture: Language.
  • When your kid learns how to dress for a certain occasion and tradition: Awareness.

Development of skills for getting dressed at different ages.

If you are thinking about when your child should begin to dress themselves, then you are asking the wrong question, because this process happens step by step over a period of time that lasts a few years. As your kid grows you can see small-small advancements towards learning how to get dressed and you need to encourage those small attempts. 

At one year:

  • Your children start to hold out their arms for sleeves and put their feet up for shoes. 
  • Your kid can pull off shoes and socks by himself.
  • Your children can push his arms and legs through sleeves and pants.

At two years:

  • Can take off shoes when untied.
  • Your kid can find armholes in this age
  • Kids can also take off coats that are unfastened.

At three years:

  • Pull off T-shirt on its own.
  • Put on socks with some help.
  • Your kid will be able to button large buttons at this age. 

At four years:

  • Children can use connector zippers at this age. 
  • Kids can know the difference between the front and backside of the clothing.
  • Children can put on socks and shoes without any help.

How to teach children to dress themselves

Teaching your kids how to dress themselves require a lot of patience. It might be frustrating to watch your children wearing shoes for continuous five minutes but it is very important to let them learn each and every step accordingly. Given below are some steps to help your children with different aspects of dressings:

  • Elastic pants:

When your child learns how to pull up the pants, pick up pants that have an elastic band at its waist. When your kid learns to pull up elastic pants then go for pants with buttons, snap-on, or even a slide button. 

  • Sit down while dressing:

You need to teach your children to sit while wearing pants or other bottoms like shoes and socks. Because only then your children can focus on wearing the bottoms and not on balancing themselves while figuring out how to wear the particular piece of clothing.

  • Push arms through sleeves

You need to always encourage your kids to push their arms through sleeves. Encouraging them is the easiest way to boost your child’s confidence.

  • Layout the clothes

In the beginning, you should not confuse your child with a variety of clothing. You need to lay out his clothes for him to wear. You can buy infant clothes online from babycouture for your children according to different occasions. 

  • Differentiate between front and back

You need to teach your children how to distinguish between the front and backside of cloth by tell tale signs. You need to make him understand that tag of a dress is always on the backside of it, or buttons are usually on the front. 

  • Easy shoes

One most important parts of teaching your little kid to dress is how to wear shoes. You can start with easy to get into shoes like slip-in shoes. Tell your child how to wear shoes with toes going in first and then heels. Encourage your kid even if he is taking five minutes for a shoe to wear. 

Never forget to enjoy the little precious moments with your children when they are growing because those moments may never come back again. All these memories are priceless and you need to make every second of these memories remarkable, so always encourage your kid and provide them with the best fashion available on the internet. Visit babycouture now and find the best dresses for your kids on every occasion. You can buy everything from kids’ nightwear online to beautiful lehenga choli set online, here.

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