Unique baby shower gift ideas

Attending a baby shower is one exciting thing to look forward to. Nothing comes close to the joy of celebrating the arrival of a new life. In India, a similar celebration is known as godh bharai. While the rituals involved might differ, but the essence remains the same. It is essentially an all women get together to bless the mother and the unborn child; by showering on them gifts.

It is a day to pamper the soon to-be-mom, and prepare her to welcome the new born into this world. Traditionally, presenting the gifts and opening them makes for the major part of the event. So going without one would be highly embarrassing. So don’t make the mistake of buying the gift at the last moment. Here are a few gifting ideas, take a look and make your choice immediately.

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  1. Diaper Basket: Just the most convenient and appropriate gift. You could make one by adding a good enough supply of diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash lotion and powder. There are plenty of attractive ready made options available online.
  2. Set of baby leggings: Newborns require frequent change of clothes, especially the bottom wear. So this could be a gift the-would-be-moms will make good use of. Simply search baby leggings online and you are all sorted with your gift arrangements.
  3. Baby socks and caps hamper: One cannot get enough of cute socks, booties and caps for the baby. So gifting a few will never go waste.
  4. Baby stroller: Though a baby stroller is of great utility but one will be enough to meet the demand. If you are planning to gift this item, it will be better to drop a hint in advance among all friends so that no one else buys the same.
  5. Baby bath gear: Take a baby tub and stuff it with baby bath products like baby lotions, hair oil, shampoo, mild soap, powder, wipe, towel, wash cloth etc. You can even a baby comb and a brush to it.
  6. Baby accessorie: The advent of exclusive fashion brands for baby’s has brought to the market a wide range of baby accessories. You could look out to pick a couple of such items, especially baby hair accessories online. Make a hamper of it all.
  7. Baby Toys:This is your safest bet. However, deciding on a particular toy will be a little baffling. Only take care not to buy toys that are sharp, or made up of a material that is dangerous if licked or put in mouth (because babies want to eat up any thing they get their hands on).
  8. Baby Library:We saved the best for the last. This is a rare and unique baby shower idea. From pregnancy guide books and manuals to help new mothers to classic bedtime stories and picture comics, to get this gift together you need to put in a little thought and a lot of care.
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