How to dress your baby for special occasions

Birthday party, Christmas/Diwali celebrations or a wedding in the house; all call up for some special dressing up. And this holds true for everyone, including the tiny-tot brigade. The already adorable cuties deserve to attract some added attention, at such special occasions, through their fun and frolic party outfits.

Here are a few things to keep in mind, when you shop baby clothes for special occasions:

  • Go for bright colors, shimmer and shine. The clothes your baby wears should reflect the happy mood of the occasion.

  • The baby’s first birthday dress should be one to remember and preserve forever. Pick up an elaborate outfit, which is comfortable too. The star attraction of the day needs to remain in the outfit for long, and so the dress should not be a hindrance, or an excuse for his sudden disappearance.
  • For festivals, go for traditional dressing options. For instance, dress your baby boy in ethnic kurta-pajama and the girl in light lehenga-choli for an Indian festival. For Christmas opt for red and white costumes and don’t forget the Christmas caps.

  • For social get-togethers or weddings, do not over do with accessorizing (as is the habit of Indian moms). Kids are meant to be charming but not laden with jewellery etc. Pick up sequin dresses, bright headgear and attractive booties to compliment their natural charm.

  • The most important point to make note of is this- Be prepared with one extra outfit (party outfit). This will come in handy at the time of emergency change in case of a diaper leak, or any other mess.

There is a wide collection of baby party dresses online. Add a few in your infant’s wardrobe now and be ready to have everyone’s eyes fixed at your adorably dressed toddler. We know, we know the idea is tempting enough. Well, who doesn’t love the attention, Right!

How to dress your baby for special occasions was last modified: September 15th, 2015 by Baby Couture India