How Can Christmas Be Complete Without Food

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It is Christmas finally! Christmas is just not a day but a season, a season of happiness, celebrations and faith. All the kids out there be so excited for the Christmas and about the gifts they have been asking for from Santa. And when we talk about kids here how can we not talk about food, we all know how much kids love to eat, especially stuffs like cake and cookies. Of course you will get them all in a market but wait don’t you want your cookies and the cakes to be different for you sons and daughters. So here we are with some amazing food ideas you can use to light up the usual, boring cup cakes and cookies, you can serve them either in the house party your are holding or can pack them for their school Christmas Party! Let’s just check out the Ideas.

Home Made Christmas Cheese Crackers

Home Made Christmas CheeseThese are made up of whole wheat flour and cheese, in addition packed with ton of flavor. They taste amazing, just like goldfish crackers, you’ll know when you taste. You can use holiday themed cookie cutter to make them look more festive and delicious. This Christmas why not skip the prepackaged grocery and try making your kids favorite snacks at home. Why not start with this cheese crackers?

Christmas Pretzel Treats

Christmas Pretzel TreatsIf you want something which tastes both sweet and salty so you can go for this one bite snack, they don’t take more than 10 minutes to get ready. Top the salty sweet base with Hershey’s and add M&M to decorate it. We bet kids will grab them all.

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Reindeer Sandwiches

You can turn their boring sandwiches into creative and interesting Reindeer sandwiches. You can use raisins to make eyes. The red nose can be can be made from dried berries or jam or you can even use cherry for it. You can even use red chocolate to make the nose. You can peanut butter or cheese inside.

Strawberry Santa Clause

For this you just need some fresh red juicy strawberries and some whip cream. You can even use a fake whipped product, that won’t need refrigeration and can be easily carried to school. You just need to cut the strawberries from from the middle and put some cream in between. Make buttons from the cream at the lower part. Your edible Santa is ready!

Santa Hat Cupcake

Santa HatHow adorable are these cupcakes, and also easy to make. Just grab some chocolate cupcake, marshmallows and red whipped cream. Coat the cupcake with the whipped cream and decorate it with white marshmallow. Your Santa Hat shape will be ready, aren’t you drooling already?

So these were some amazing Christmas food ideas you can take and make this Christmas special for your kids. After all your love is everything they need.
Merry Christmas!

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