Some Traditional Indian Practices Seriously Harming Your Child

cover picAs soon as you become a mother you are loaded with ample of suggestions and advises on how to take care of your little one. Many people many advises, some scientific, some traditional and some no one knows from where originated. It’s disturbing when everyone around changes into a parenting experts but then it is not necessary that you follow them all blindly. Being a mom you’ll have to take the responsibility of choosing what’s right for your little. And we are here with some advices you’ll get to hear and are not supposed to follow as they are among some practices harmful to the apple of your eye. Let’s see the list!

Not breastfeeding your baby for the first few days after birth

Not breastfeeding your baby for the first few days after birth, this practice is a complete superstition as it is very important for you to feed your baby just after his birth, this initial feeding is also known as formula feed. The belief is that the yellow substance your breasts secrete known as colostrum, just after the delivery is not good for the baby’s health but actually it is as it enhances the baby’s immunity.

Applying powder on the baby's skin all the time
Baby-Powders-For-Your-Little-OnesTalcum Powder is not good for baby’s health and over use of it is strictly harmful. Anything on the baby’s skin will surely convince you to use talcum powder, be it rashes or redness or dryness but wait and give it a thought, is it really safe to dab so much powder on their skin? Dabbing too much powder has been linked to cancer. The presence of minerals like silicon, asbestos and magnesium can be harmful for the baby and thus it is advisory to avoid overuse of talcum powder as it constitute all the above mentioned minerals. Not just this talcum also effects lungs and causes respiratory infections so better use when required and better to use organic powders only.

Using a drink of gripe water whenever your baby cries

Most of the mothers out there think and take Gripe water as a magical potion and their favourite drink but this is no the case. Every time your baby cries he is no asking for what you think is his favorite drink. If you do not know we would like to light that gripe water has been reported to have alcohol and sodium bicarbonate, substances harmful for the little life. Gripe water is useful and helpful but for slightly older children. All your newborn needs right now is your breast milk.

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Exposing your baby to the sun after a massage
True that sun helps our bodies process Vitamin D but when it comes to babies, long time exposure to sun can make the vulnerable to sunstroke. If you have been said and advised that sunbathing your infant after an oil massage is going to help their bones become stronger, do also please understand that Indian sun is far too hot for the gentle skin of the baby to take.

Putting mustard oil in your baby's ears to soothe him

It is completely fine to use mustard oil to give a body massage to your baby but do not listen to the one who asks you to put some mustard oil in your baby’s ears as revealing your baby;s ears, nostrils and umbilical stump to this oil will cause more harm as it can lead to several infections. If you need to clean their ears, something really important, you can simply use baby friendly ear buds.

The above were some thoroughly practiced practices which we Indians consider god for the baby’s health but isn’t. Moms not just these are many more. Do take all the advices you are getting but be wise enough to research and chose the best ones for your baby.

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