The Reasons Behind Your Babies Constipation Or Poop Problem

cover picWhen it comes to babies, it’s super hard to identify the reason behind their anger and crying. But one of the reason can be constipation or poop problem. As a mother it is not necessary that you must be knowing every reason behind every problem related to your child. Therefore, we have decided to help you like always and tell you some reasons behind your babies constipation and potty problem. These are some basic reasons which mat be related to your babies condition but still you should consult your doctor if your baby is having any such problem.

Why Babies Suffer From Constipation

When baby is use to of drinking mother milk and you start giving him formula milk due to any medical reasons that can be one of the main reason why he is suffering from constipation.

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The main reasons are:

Weaning time : when you start feeding your baby with plenty of food which may cause constipation.

Formula milk : As it is hard to digest, it may cause constipation

Dehydration : Babies who are in taking formula milk often dehydrate

How to treat baby’s constipation

  1. Exercising can help him. If he is crawling in this case you can try some laps but if he is not crawling , you can definitely try pumping his legs. The best way is that when your child is lying on bed, you can make him do some cycling.
  2. Massaging your baby’s belly can help him a lot. Give gentle pressure and keep on massaging for three minutes. Keeping pressing until you feel mass or firmness.
  3. If baby is feeding formula milk , you can take suggestion from your doctor about changing the brand. If you can add dark corn syrup to formula milk, that may help in digestion.
  4. You can add little prune juice while formula feeding him, it is not at all necessary to give juice to babies but this can prevent him from constipation.
  5. If your baby is old enough to in take plethora of solid food then you need to cut down the food that can constipate, like banana, rice or cooked carrots. What you can do is try out some prune puree, pears or apricot to loosen his bowl movement.

You should immediately contact your doctor if you find out some blood in his stool or your baby has stopped eating much or he is loosing weight. These are the symptoms that you should notice and run to your doctor ASAP.


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