6 SuperFoods For Kids And Toddlers

cover pic 2It’s super hard for every mother in this world to make their kids eat healthy food. As they love to intake pizzas and pastas more than fruits and milk. The not so nutritional fruits can easily find a way to enter in your kids mouth and slowly slowly hamper their fitness. But as a mother you have to be aware of what type of foods can make your kids health good and what can make them unhealthy. We are going to tell you what type of foods should be there in your kids meal.


If you want your kids to be more attentive in school and has great concentration power. You should add oatmeal in his diet. As a fiber rich meal , it gives stamina and energy to your kids. Best part is, it’s very easy to digest.

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eggsEggs have protein and it’s a food that natural has vitamin D that helps your body to consume the calcium. If your kid eat egg in the morning, he will be satisfied for a longer period of time from hunger.


NutsFor heart health, in taking nuts is very good. As every kids need something that helps in their growth and development, nothing is better than nuts. They have good fat which helps kids to grow in perfect pace and helps in boosting their over all fitness.


fruitsEvery fruit has some or the other mineral and vitamin that’s the reason that they all are good for health. Fibers are also their in fruits which keep your kids regular. Try to add varieties of fruit in your kids meal, so that he can be fit for rest of his life.


blueberryThey have always been on the top when it comes to healthiest fruit to eat. For healthy brain functioning, heart and diabetes, blueberry is a perfect fruit. The best thing about this fruit is that you can make so much creative dishes to attract your kids for eating it. Desert, ice pops or add in breakfast meal.


cocoaIt is rich in flavonoids which helps keeping a healthy heart and control blood pressure. Pure cocoa can give your kids healthy skin and better oral health. You can easily add cocoa in their diet by making pancakes , or sprinkling it on french toast or can make strawberry shake and add cocoa on it.

Add these foods in your kids diet and make them feel healthy and be healthy. It’s always the first step that should be perfect when your kids start in taking solid food. Make them habitual of these healthy foods and see them fit forever.


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