Being Hard On Yourself Doesn’t Make You A Better Parent

feature pic1You cannot always behave around your kids like a parent neither can you behave like a friend always. But yeah kids like to get their own ways. And every child needs and want more. They want someone who misses them when they aren’t home, someone who loves them, get them all they want, take care of them, listen to them, and also some who understand them and not yell at their mistakes. They need someone calm and sound, someone who won’t be mad at them, someone who is sympathetic and affectionate. Now answer are you this kind of parent? Because every children ask for a parent just like this. Yes, it is true that one cannot always be like this, after all a parent is also a human and no god. No one is perfect and then parents have a lot of reasons to lose.

Now the next question here arises is, what we can do to be one? What you can do is make commitments to increase ratio of good parenting moments. Of course you’ll mess up. Everyone does but one can always pick oneself up and try again. Moreover, each step in a right direction makes a big difference.

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If you wish to be a better parent, if you feel like you are lacking somewhere and you feel you are stuck in this negative cycle then we guess it is the time for you to give yourself a little support. But this doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself, this won’t make you a better parent.
Say for example there is a plant in your garden which is wilting. What do you do? Do you yell at the plant to straighten or do you find ways to figure out it’s needs. Well, yes you figure out what it needs to thrive: more water? More sunshine? More room to grow? This same applies to your child and you too. So take some time out for yourself and figure out what you can do to support yourself to be a better parent.

  • Maybe you can take a vow or ask your kids to to give a star for the day when you do not yell.
  • Maybe you need more sleep
  • Maybe you need to read some good and inspiring parenting books.
  • Maybe you need to shower yourself with some more love.
  • May be you need to slow down a bit so that you take less load and do not get much stressed.

You love your child and we know you do all to make them happy but this is true that you cannot always be chill and cool, you’ll lose at times and that is good and mandatory in some situations. So you do not need to change all at once. So from today start to pamper yourself along with your kids. Because all is happy if your mood is.

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