How to throw a BIG kids birthday party on a small budget?

Kids are loved by everyone. Whenever a child’s birthday arrives, that day is the most precious day for the parents. Where kids enjoy their special day with their friends at school, parents at home do all the work to make the perfect arrangements for their child’s birthday party. The main thing to consider while planning a birthday party is, the budget. Now, there are some parents who love to spend enormous amount of money on their kid’s birthday parties and then there are some smart parents who spend less amount and are able to pull off the party just like an expensive one.

You must be thinking, how do those parents do everything within budget and you are still not able to decide the budget for the cake. Let’s take some points into consideration and learn some tricks to throw a wonderful kids birthday party on a minimal budget.

Select a theme and do everything according to it:

festa-frozen23Now, there are so many ideas of having a birthday party themes in India that your child would love. For example, if your are going to have frozen theme, that does not mean you have to do everything from decoration to tissue papers accordingly. Just using the same colors like blue will be a good option.

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Food options:

foodYou do not have to have so many food options for the guests. Having less and tasty items are better than having many and average tasting items. Guests come to enjoy and they can even enjoy if there are less eating options. Do not spend extra money on food.

Baby boy dress:

style_me_elegant_white_vest_tuxedo_shorts_set_3Your baby boy just turned one. How about you spend good money on the first birthday dress for your baby boy and bring a smile on his innocent face. Buy first birthday party dress online for your baby boy and if you want, you can save money buy purchasing dress online on sale.

Ditch the DJ:


You do not have to spend unnecessary amount of money on the DJ. Bring your laptop and speakers from home and create a playlist of all the party songs before hand and play them at the party. Do not forget to include remix of songs for extra groove.

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Choose a cheaper venue:

venueYou should not spend all your money on the venue. Choose a place that suits your budget the best. You can also do great birthday party decorations in India these days and once the decorations are done, you will be surprised to see how elegant that budget friendly place turned out.

Baby girl dress:

diva_silver_pearls_studded_princess_kids_party_dress_1There are so many choices in the girls section and you can easily gift your princess the best dress ever made. Now a days, birthday tutu dress for girls is very much trending. So choose best  kids wear online
and watch her shine like a star in that dress.

Introduce fun games at the party:

musical chairsIt’s the job of host to introduce various unique and fun games at the party. Games that can be enjoyed by both parents and children must be included. If you are unable to introduce any new ideas play some old games like musical chairs, pictionary, bowling, etc.

Party supplies:


Now, you must have a question in mind that is how to decorate for birthday party on a budget? It is not that difficult task to decorate the venue on a budget. You just have to find a shop where you can buy all the supplies in bulk and if you are unable to find that, buy birthday party supplies online in India.

Try to adopt all the above mentioned points and in these points you have the answer to how to celebrate 1st birthday of baby girl or a baby boy. If you are serious about saving your hard earned money and at the same time want to throw a perfect birthday party for your child, these points will work wonders for you and you along with your kid will definitely have a blast.

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