Unique Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Arranging a birthday party for your kid can be a great chance for you to re-live your childhood phase. Party preparations to please and entertain your child may turn into a fun activity for the parents too, if they do not see it as a task rather see it as an opportunity to experiment and explore. Do not see the party just as a ‘party’, instead consider it as your get-away. Consider it as a chance to create a one-day-world for your child and you, in which you will escape and come out with fairy-tale memories.

Browse and research a bit and you’ll be astonished to see how well this could work out. Theme parties these days are so elaborate and perfect, that you actually feel like entering a new world. And it’s all possible for you too. Look out for the appropriate birthday party supplies for kids which can help you transform your everyday mundane environs into a space that exists only in your imagination.

Here are a few unique themes you could consider picking up:

1. Safari Theme:

Safari theme

From cake to the furniture, and the cutlery- everything should be such that the theme is incorporated. Animals (not literally) all around. It would be great if you could arrange the party outdoors in a garden, setting up a few tents and arranging for tricycles for the kids to ride around their jungle.

2. Princess Castle Theme:

princess castle

Turn your house into a castle for your princess or get a marquee set up outside (if you have enough space outside). The interiors should be like the hall of a castle, with carpets spread, grand chairs for the prince & princesses. Use tiaras instead of party caps. Decorate the place sans balloons, with bead string, gems and flowers. And yes, order a custom designed princess cake. Keep it as royal as you can, and don’t forget to buy your little princess a charming dress for the occasion.

3. Graffiti party:


Have graffiti done on the walls of your child’s room (if he likes such things). You may even leave one wall for your child artist to work on. Then invite guests with the mention of the theme and the dress code be- plain white t-shirts. Sending across DIY graffiti invites could set a great mood. Have a good supply of fabric markers and sprays, so than when the party begins, everyone can transform each other’s plain tees into extraordinary pieces of art.

4. Minion Theme:

minion theme

Minion craze is all over. The cute animated characters have made a special place in the hearts of little kids, so why not bring them to the kids birthday party. You could arrange for special minion costumes for all guests on rents. A minion cake is an obvious order, even minion-cup-cakes would work. Kids birthday party supplies online India is flooded with minion themed cups, balloons, party favors etc. So get them all to recreate a minion world at home.

5. Bedtime Theme:

bedtime themeWell, no you don’t have to arrange for beds for all your toddler guests and ask them to sleep in the party. The bed-time theme is actually about setting up a bed-time story reading activity in the party. All the kids should be invited in their pajamas, a snug environments with mattresses spread on floor with cute cushions all around should be arranged. You don’t have to do the boring job of reading to the kids, instead set up a tape or even arrange for a screening of their favorite bedtime stories which have been made into films. An unlimited supply of snacks and candy with drinks will be enough for a fun time for the chirpy-chubby babies.

Now that you know how to play with the idea of a party for kids, ponder over what should be the theme for your darling’s birthday celebrations. Once you have that in mind, search for the following birthday party supplies for kids online:party decorations, pinatas, invitations,balloons, party favors, gift wraps, catering accessories, candles and cake; all of which should blend in with your chosen theme.

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