6 Ways Big Siblings Can Play With A Baby

“ whats the good news if you do not have a sibling to share it !! “

Siblings love each other but at the same time, newborn sibling jealousy arouses, as all the importance is given to newborn and his needs. It’s very important to build a strong bonding between them so that in future they are with each other as a support system.


Sibling adjustment to a newborn is a major responsibility of parents. They have to take care of the new soul as well as make sure that other siblings get attached to the baby. To solve this biggest issue , we have come up with some ways which will create a bonding between sibling and newborn by just playing with each other. Let's discuss them all :

Time for Music


Kids of any age love to play music and have some attachment to it. So, grab musical instruments for your big kids as well as or the small one. Let them play the instrument together and sing some cute songs in their baby tones. This will surely create a bond between your kids and the newborn.

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Every kid has experienced this thing in his childhood - The Kisses. Try to make your kids love the newborn by kissing his chubby cheeks and showing affection. This will bring them close to each other.

Reading Together


The bigger sibling can make the younger sibling and the new born sit with him and can read a story book with some picture. The Story will grab the attention of younger sibling and picture in the book will increase the interest of newborn. It is the best way to let the siblings spend some quality tie with each other.

Sensory fun


Big siblings love to help the newborn in learning different things through play. Give them the idea of sensory stimulative activities, this will help baby to learn things easily and big siblings will have fun as well. Add some textures, colors, pics, zippers etc to create sensory fun activity and let your big kids explain all these different things to the newborn.

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Playtime with soft toys


Metal toys can harm the big siblings as well as the new baby. Therefore, playing with soft toys is safe and every kid loves soft toys. Make them create a dramatic scene with soft toys and let them talk to the toys. It will be when and will also enhance the involvement of big siblings with a new baby.

Best of all peek-a-boo


This classic game never gets out of fashion. It’s always the best game for small babies and big siblings. The older kids can play peek-a-boo while peeking from under the blanket, behind the doors or simply behind the hands. Your small baby will giggle a lot and your older kids will enjoy doing it.

With the passing time, the tiny footprints will grow and the memories of their childhood will slowly fade but by creating a bond between siblings from the childhood will make their relationship stronger and an extraordinary friendship which will last forever.

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