Easter Games For Kids


What’s this Sunday? Easter, yes! So what are your plans for the big day? If you haven't yet decided on what to do, we have an idea here. Why not throw an Easter party for the little bunnies in your home? It will be so much fun and after all you need something to keep the little brains busy all day long!

If not for a grand party, you can still arrange for a day filled with games for the kids. They will love you even more after this. Nothing to lose as it so, so why not give it a shot? We are spilling the beans here, check out the great ideas about Easter games that can keep them entertained for the entire day!

Easter Bunny Bowling


We all love bowling, don’t we? So let’s incorporate this fun activity in your kids party and step on the fun. Just collect a few bottles and decorate them like bunnies, you can use cloth or chart for the decoration. Set them up in one corner of your party area and give each kid a chance or two to bowl out the bunny pins!

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Broken Egg Riddles

You need thick papers with eggs drawn on them. Cut them in halves and write a riddle on one and the answer on the other half. Make many of them and put them all in a bowl. Blow a whistle to signal the kids to pick one half each from the bowl. Then once they all have their half egg, they will match their half with the other one. The kids that do it first and correctly win.

Wacky Egg Roll

Wacky Egg Roll

Your kids will love this fun race. Each kid is given a spoon and an egg (plastic or hard-boiled) for the race. The rules are simple, the kids have to push their egg with a spoon and reach to the end point. The one who finishes first is the winner. You can increase the difficulty level by asking them put the spoon in their mouth and go on all fours to push the egg, that will be more fun we guess!

Jumbo Easter Memory

Make 10 cards with a colorful print on each of them, two of each type. Use a hard paper for it and laminate it for future use. Then lay them upside down flat and call one kid at a time to pick up two cards and find the pairs. The one who can do it first will be the winner.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

Eggy Scavenger Hunt

We all love to go on a treasure hunt, don’t we? Kids are one step ahead in this. Arrange for an egg scavenger hunt for them and plan a little surprise at the end. Little plastic eggs can be hidden with a clue inside them. One after the other they can be discovered and finally help them reach the surprise!

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Bunny Masks

With chart paper, sketch pens, ice cream sticks and elastic you can set up a counter at one corner. Kids can come here and make themselves a bunny mask to wear through the day. Let them delve into creativity and come up with some really interesting masks. It will also be a lot of fun!

Bunny Race

Bunny Race

This one did not come as a surprise we suppose! Its just the good old hop race, after all a bunny hops right? You just need to provide each of the kid with a sack or a pillowcase to wear while they hop to the finish line. Add a bit of fun with bunny masks or headbands, it’ll be fun!

Easter Necklaces

Let the kids take their creativity a notch higher with this fun game. The plastic Easter eggs and jelly balls that you have used in the scavenger hunt can be reused her. Provide them with a string in addition to make a necklace. The interesting patterns and color combinations that they will use will brighten their outfits and the environment as well!

Egg Toss

Egg Toss

This is again fun for kids as well as if you want to take part in it. Just divide the kids in pairs and give each of the pair an egg (plastic if you don’t want the mess). Tell to to stand opposite each other and throw the egg towards their partner. The one who drops the egg first will be out.

Guess How Many Eggs
This one is very interesting! Fill up a jar with Easter egg shaped little candies, decorate it nicely and put it on a table. Ask each child to guess the number of eggs in the jar and the one that guesses it right (or close enough) can be rewarded with the jar itself!

Your kids are surely going to love this little effort of yours. These fun games will keep their spirit high for this big day. Its also a great way to socialize, so get going now!

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