10 Tips For A Mother Daughter Date Night

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Hey lady, do you know there’s a little girl who wants to be exactly like you when she grows up? Yes, she is your daughter! No matter how much a girl is close to her father, she has a special bond with her mother, the lady she looks up to as a role model. What do you do to cherish this link she feels with you? Take it for granted?

Time to change that ladies! Strengthen the delicate linkage you two have by connecting better with her. What better way than a date night with her, barring the men of the house from this little celebration will only help *giggles*! We have a lot more of such tips for you and your partner in crime (daughter) to make it a big success. Read on and uncover the secret to a stronger mother- daughter bond!


The key to a successful date with your girl is simplicity! Yes, they don’t need any extravagant efforts, just your undivided attention and you are sorted! Plan fewer activities but make sure that they are giving you the opportunity to relate and connect with each other.

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Dress Up

Dress Up

When we are talking about a special night in context of the female species, dressing up has to be given importance. As it is little girls love to get all fancy for special occasions and is there any bigger celebration for you two than this? You can either start the party with a dressed appearance or incorporate the dressing part in the date plan as an activity, both are equally great!


It is a special day, you can’t think of it as a regular day. And what do we do at special days? Capture them, right? That’s what you should be doing on the special night! You can have your husband or a friend to take the pictures that you can cherish forever! It will make your daughter feel special and give more importance to such dates.

Have Fun

Have Fun

Don’t plan too much that you end up running between activities and forget about enjoying the moment. Just get weird and crazy through the day with your kid and have fun. Its the craziness that will help you connect better with your baby girl than a strict schedule to make it ‘special’!

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Plan Treats

Every party revolves around snacks, well not true but you still can’t forget about the treats! Think of some snacks that you can have for the date, something easy like finger foods. You can even have a date that involves cooking and baking as major activities. The treats that you bake together can be eaten later while you two chat through the evening!



What is a woman’s party without some spicy talks? Not much we guess! Moreover the agenda of the date is to connect with your daughter better and so talking and discussing will make for a major chunk of the day. Ask questions, listen and participate in conversation, you will get to know her better!

Calling Friends
You can make it all the more grand by inviting your friend and her daughter to share the night! The more the merrier, isn't it? Together you all can play and interact, your little girl will socialize well with her peers. The girl gang together can have so much fun that you will think about later!



The date must involve gaming sessions with your girl. After all she is a kid and loves to play! You can really win her over by playing her favorite games (wholeheartedly). If you have another mother daughter duo, you can play in teams, this will strengthen your bond all the more!


Both of you will smile your widest while you are dancing together. Just forget anyone is watching and shake your leg on the beats of her favorite music. It will prove to be a great opportunity for you to come close and break the ice.

Show Love


At the end of the day you planned this evening because you love your daughter so why not say it to her loud and clear? End the happy evening with loads of hugs and kisses in addition to telling her how much you love her. You can even point out her best traits to make her feel special!

Get on it now, plan a nice evening with your daughter and see where this little effort takes your relationship to! You guys will definitely find a new friend in each other, a great gift for such a small effort!

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