15 Things to Teach Your Teen About Posting Online

teen mobileTimes are changing and changing at a fast pace. As a teen you did not have access to the luxuries that have now become a necessity for your teens. You probably got married before Facebook came into being. You have lived your teenage without the fancy gadgets and social media and we suppose it went just well! But can you imagine your teens without a phone or social media handles? Unimaginable! Kids these days have typing speed much faster than writing and with accessibility to smart phones, their online posting rate is higher than you would ever dream of. Most of them have mastered their selfie game and their daily posts multiply every week! With so much technology, comes great responsibility as these simple posts can cost them a lot. We have compiled a list of things you’d probably want to teach them before they begin their online posting saga!

Stop Deleting


We understand, with time you feel that you were silly when you posted those pictures an year ago. But don’t erase them, they are your memories and you can always look back at them to relive the moments!

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Don’t Fake


Kids these days fall into the pretense trap too easily. They want to be socially accepted by looking cool and social media platforms are ideal to exhibit this ‘coolness’ which is fake. Loving yourself and accepting oneself is what is really ‘cool’!

Don’t Lose Respect

The technology is growing way beyond our expectations and people’s accessibility to our online stuff is too easy. Posting pictures or texts that might cause embarrassment later in life when seen by someone you dd not want to share with is better rejected now!

Be Original


What’s trending is what you post about that’s the mantra of being cool! But if posing for pictures with a pout or duck face is not your comfort zone, you don’t have to do it just because that’s the trend. Just be yourself and not someone’s replica!

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Friends Matter

social media

You were looking marvelous in the picture so you posted it without considering that a friend of yours was caught in an awkward position in the pic. This picture gone viral will cause her a lot of embarrassment. You can sacrifice posting that awesome pic for your friend, can’t you?

Step In


The lives of our teens have shrunk into their phones and this is causing undue embarrassment and bullying to them. Posting something and being bullied for it can cause hurt to your friend. Your stepping in to give positive feedback can help her a lot, you’d do that, right?

Rating- A NO

Are you a commodity that you need reviews and ratings on social media? Then why would you post a picture and ask people to rate it? Just why? Explain this to your teen and save her from unnecessary bullying!

Don’t Hurt


Acceptance on social media matters so much to every teen these days, being neglected or bullied there makes them feel humiliated. As a friend you can help prevent this or at least reduce it to a minimum by not purposely un-tagging or ignoring someone!

Listen to Heart

We all have a secret inner voice that directs us away from the wrong things but many of us and specially the teens tend to silence this voice. Your gut feeling is right and if something doesn't seem OK, you are not doing it!

No Forcing


Social media should not be a cage for you. You are not bound to do anything that you don’t feel like doing. Don’t let anyone force you into anything or force anyone else for the same. No group texts? No vulgar jokes? Just say no!

Quality Not Quantity

You might envy that friend of yours for bagging more comments or likes on a selfie than you ever received. But adding random followers for competing with her is not right. Quality of the feedback and followers should matter and not their number!

Don’t Compare


Teens are in constant battle of who is better. Many of them tend to degrade others and showoff their better looks and status. But show them the reality that they are not better than anyone! They all are lovable and there is no point of comparison at all!

Don’t Hide

We all make mistakes and that does not get us into trouble. But hiding big blunders or mistakes from you might just help them land into real trouble. Explain it to them and win their confidence to ensure they share things with you!


Mother and teen

If anything goes wrong, maybe a picture leak, hacked account or anything, they can share and get it notified. They may want a solution or just an ear to pour their heart out, be the one present for them and develop trust in them!

Just Laugh

Your online life should not be directing and influencing your whole life. Somebody might troll you online, instead of crying over it and stepping down into depression just laugh it off. Life is so much easier when you learn to not take it so seriously!

Pulling apart social media and teens is as tough and painful as peeling skin of raw potato! That was meant to be funny but never mind, Ha Ha. Still, this list might just help you ease your teen’s life a bit!

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