7 Ways To Get Your Children Happily Eat Fruits

Dealing with kid’s tantrums can be a big challenge for the parents, specially when you see them puking out fruits all the time. To keep kids healthy is one of the basic priorities of every parent and what is better than getting them to eat fruits which not only are scrumptious but also packed with necessary nutrients and fiber.One of the best parts of eating them is that most of them are low in calories,so you won’t have to worry about your kid piling on extra pounds.

At an early age,most kids pick things up from their parents and do exactly as they do. It is the parents responsibility to eat healthy and incorporate more and more fruits over junk food into their diet, so they can lead by example and let their children follow in their footsteps. Apart from setting an example for them, there are 7 easy tricks that parents can follow to get their kids to eat them as well as enjoy them.

Dicing and cutting fruits into funny cartoon shapes

Kids get easily enticed by funny cartoons and what’s better than luring your kids to eat them by shaping foods into their favorite cartoons.

Tag your kids along when you go out to buy fruits

When you go out next time to buy them, take your kids along and let them shop for their favorite ones. Nothing excites kids as much as going out for shopping and when you let them pick up their favorite fruits,they definitely would want to try what they purchase.

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Keep food in reachable space

It is best to keep them in a dining space or the study table so they are accessible to the kids. It can sometimes tempt kids to have them or when they feel famished and you are not around to feed them anything else. Then at that point they can easily grab some of them and eat them to satisfy their hunger.

Have meals together

have meals together

Having meals together as a family as often as possible in a specific area can have a lot of positive impact on kids. Not only will it instill discipline in your kids and let you bond as the family, but also get your kids to eat fruits without any compulsion.

Provide fruits in variety

To encourage your kids to eat them is setting their plate with fruits in lots of variety so they don’t feel bored eating the same type in monotony. But do make sure to serve them in limited quantity so they don’t end up gaining weight instead of nutrients.

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Garnish and dip fruits in creamy puddings

Lets be honest here,a kid or an adult, a mere sight of creamy pudding can leave one’s mouth watering. Chop up a variety of healthy fruits into a small pieces and put them on creamy pudding and serve it to your kid. It will leave him craving for more.

Set a timetable for them

Making a timetable for your kids, which is a blend of fruits and other nutritious veggies during their early growing years will make them disciplined and habitual of eating fruits every day in time.

All the above tips can encourage your kids munch on fruits comfortably. But while following these above tips just make sure to have a lot of patience because making your kids do things and at the same time dealing with other household and work pressure can give you a meltdown. So it is advised to deal with your kids patiently.

Happy Eating !!!!!

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