Are you for granting your baby’s health by letting them play with your cell phone ?

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Rearing a baby is not a piece of cake- right from spoon-feeding them meals, cleaning up after them to double check whether they are getting a sound sleep or not. Babies tend to have mood swings and throw tantrums, you can have both good and bad days with them. There are days when they would sleep quietly without making a lot of trouble for you and then there will be days when they just won’t sleep and stop crying. Dealing with all of this can rain on your parade and give you a meltdown. To mellow down their kids, parents choose an easy way out and hand over them their mobiles phones. Nowadays, many kids spend hours playing on their mobiles instead of playing with their toys. Many parents see this as a sign of intelligence and take pride in the fact that their baby is a tech savvy. It has become an easy way out of parents to avoid any such hassles, they just simply hand over their mobile to their kids with a game, movie or song on. But did you know that you are risking your baby’s health by exposing him to your cell phone device? A new study has come up in the field of child welfare with shocking findings. If you let your child play too much with mobile, there are warnings that you need to pay attention to:

Please heed and take a note of all the risks you are putting your baby through if he uses cell phone as a toddler. Further research is being carried out by the scientists to affirm these findings, but one thing is confirmed that with every minute your baby plays on mobile, risk increases :

Effects on grasping & social skills

Many parents install learning apps and games on mobiles and hand it over to the kids hoping that playing those games would improve their child’s memory power. However, in fact, studies show that allowing kids to use mobiles for longer periods can have a negative impact on their grasping skills and make them a slow learner.

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Negative impact on Cognitive development

A research conducted by Dr Ann Louise Gittleman, specializing in electromagnetic pollution shows its effects on human beings. Waves emitted by the cell phone can set off changes in your kids brain metabolism. This can render your baby’s brain-damaged and trigger heat shock proteins. Although there is still a lot of research to be done on this subject and there are no exact data on how deeply does a cell phone affect a kid’s brain chemistry,for babies exposed to cell phones frequently, mainly up to age 4.

Brain Cancer

WHO has declared mobile radiation to be “Possibly Carcinogenic”.
And it is said more than 60 % of the radiation emitted by mobile phones is absorbed by the kids. Kid are 5 times more probable of developing Giloma (a type of brain cancer) if they are exposed to mobile phones frequently before the age of 20.

Important measures to take when your baby uses Cellphone

1) No mobile phone usage for babies under the age of 2 .A kid’s brain is too delicate to endure mobiles radiation.

2) Keep an eye over the content your tiny bundle of joy is exposed to. The content that has extreme visual changes and extra bright colors, violent graphics should be strictly avoided.

3) Limit using cell phones, when around your baby. It will cut off all the temptations that your baby may have for using a cell phone

4) Avoid giving them cellphone in order to lure them into eating food, instead make use of any other audio player or musical toy.

The cell phone has turned into a big part of our lives. It can help you connect with and keep track of your kid’s activity, but acquainting your babies too early with mobile phones will do them more harm than good. As parents, baby’s well-being is a first priority.
His mental and social development are the responsibility of parents.


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