Next Stop Adulthood: Tips Success For Parents

Every kid thinks of becoming an adult asap but when they are about to reach that adulthood stage, a cocktail of emotions jumble up and create confusion. Excitement, Difficulties and Scariness, these kind of emotions is experienced by both parents and teens. It has to be handled carefully to make your child a responsible and humble adult.


This is the time for parents to increase independence and change, in every situation. To make the teen realize that they are about to reach the most interesting and enthusiastic stage of life - Adulthood. There are few tips which may help parents to handle adulthood of their child in a successful way :

Teach Independence

You can’t teach your kids independence overnight. It will surely going to take some time with some process. You must be having a driving license, so as it occurs in steps and over time, so do independence.


Learner’s permit :

Adapting new skills with guidance license and some limitations - Grabbing responsibilities with parental control.

Full license :

Parents have to give up their control on children to make them responsible for their own actions.

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Let go but stay connected :

Parents will always guide their children but guiding a child and giving advice to an adult is two different things.

Getting and giving advice :

Every young adult should know that everybody needs advice and help from others at every stage of life. Parents now need to get more open minded and should also sometime take advice from their adult child.

Active communication is an important part for this relationship :

teenager parent love

The key of adult child and parents is communication. It may be possible that some topics of communication can be embarrassing and difficult for you but effective communication is very important in this relationship.

Difficulties in understanding each other :

Teen problem

You may experience loads of moments when you completely disagree with your adult child but we would recommend not to loose your temper and just stay calm. As fights and arguments do not solve problems , they make new ones.

Be a role model:

Solve conflicts and problems calmly and with respect. Apologize and acknowledge when you are wrong, this way you can easily teach your child , how to solve any conflict or problem peacefully.

Help teen learn responsibility

As teen enjoy the freedom and privileges that comes with being adult, they should also understand the responsibilities that comes with this stage. Every adult child should know that decision made my them has adult consequences that can be good as well as bad.

teen Cooking

Do less :

Parents need to stop pampering their child. Let them do their work like making lunch or washing clothes. They can easily do these works for themselves. Mostly parents complain that their children are irresponsible, this is because they have never asked their kids to do anything.

Let consequences happen :

Don’t come up with special punishments to discourage irresponsibility.

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Give regular allowance, But no extras :

Don’t let your child see you as a ready cash, they will never be able to handle money responsibly. Decide a fair amount with your adult child and teach them how to manage that amount correctly. Budgeting is a very powerful thing. So teach them how to spend keeping in mind the budget.

Teach them ways to be more organized :


Teens who find it hard to be organized can become irresponsible. By teaching them few skills of being organized, you are making them a responsible adult.

These are few tips but there are lot more that we will be sharing with you soon. Hope these few tricks and tips will help you handle your teen’s adulthood.

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