Play Safe Holi With Kids

As every person gets ready to celebrate holi, the little young ones also get excited and hop around playing with their water guns and lots of colors. As there are so many colors involved in this festival, the chemicals in the colors often causes various skin problems to the small kids. Children usually turn this festival in to fun in their own infamous way, like throwing water balloons or eggs. As every person wants to play with strong colors that are hard to remove, toddlers can get really affected by those.

The chemicals can cause various skin problems in kids as they have very soft and delicate skin. Here are some Holi Do’s and Dont’s for babies and toddlers that all parents must follow:


For small babies:

small baby- Do not let other toddlers apply color or throw water balloons on your little baby.
- Do not let others to apply colors directly on your kid’s skin.
- Do not allow other kids to throw colors from water gun on your baby.
- As kids have a habit of putting everything in the mouth, beware of it and do not let your baby ingest any color.
- Avoid applying direct colors on your kid’s skin
- Do not leave your baby unattended.

For Toddlers:

toddler playing holi- Don’t wash your kid’s hands or face repeatedly as it may only harm their skin and will cause irritation.
- Do not let your toddler get out of your sight.
- Adult supervision is a must.
- Don’t let them hurt themselves while playing with colors or water as it may harm them.

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For Small Babies
- Keep your baby indoors so as to protect him from the colors outside.
- Use some baby oil or vaseline to keep your kid’s skin safe from external pollutants.
- Cotton fabrics are the best and you should definitely dress your baby in them.
- Do cover your baby’s head with a cap or a soft scarf to protect him from cold water.
-Keep your baby away from loud music that could harm his ear drums or make him uncomfortable.

For Toddlers


- Ask your kid not to run on a slippery or wet surface as it might harm them.
- Buy organic colors for your kids to play Holi with.
- Teach your kids about how to play holi so that they do not play in a reckless way that might   harm them or the other kids.
- To remove colors, use a paste of turmeric and gram flour on your toddlers skin.
- Try to keep your kid away from dark colors and buy for them, some light colors that contains fewer chemicals.

These are some points that should be kept in mind in order to play safe holi. Restrict some time for your kids to play holi. So, stay safe and cautious and have a wonderful Holi!

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