How To Stop Toddler From Hitting Older Sibling

Sibling playing

You might have read about instances when an older sibling gets jealous of the new member, is scared of losing his place, and thus takes it out on him. But it might be the other way round as well where the younger child, mostly a toddler hits the older one. Where it is still easier to talk to the older child, you might find it tough to understand what goes in that little mind. How to manage such situations then because you want both your kids to feel safe in the house so leaving it on them to sort out might not be such a good option! You will have to intervene saying “No hitting, it hurts” but it might not work always! You need to understand the cause of anger and only then can you sort it out. Below are some instances that will help you understand better about the toddler mind, read on!

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Wants To Connect
The toddler might just be trying to get his sibling’s attention. Sister is busy with a project, let’s smash into the whole thing so she can notice me! Not a proper way but that’s how a child’s mind works! What you can do is ask the kid if he want’s the elder sibling’s attention and teach him how to ask for it through his words. You might also have to give the older one some space where she can work without toddler’s loving help!

Wants Sibling’s Things
You will come across this situation very often when the little one decides to play with the same toy his elder brother is playing with. You will have to intervene and tell him that hitting hurts and there is a better way to get the toy. Tell him to ask his brother for a turn or share it with him. The older one might not want to give it right away but teach him that if he gives it then the younger one will use his words instead of his fists. Also you will have to teach the kids to wait for their turn.

Reciprocating Anger
At times its the older one who has shown anger in a subtle way like snatching toys or making mean faces. What you need to do is talk top them both, to the younger one you will have to say that hurting is not right and to show his anger he can use his words or stomp his foot. To the elder, ask what he thinks has made the younger one so mad and if he finds anything that he could have done differently to prevent the scene.

Jealous Of Interaction
Your little one might be jealous of the older one because of the time he gets to spend with you. What you need to do is make time for both the kids individually without the other sibling around. So when you see that he is jealous of the older sibling because you are interacting too much with him, start giving him attention as well. Make time for the younger one in your schedule when you don’t have the older kid around.

Wants To Be Heard
There is a great chance that when your little one is hitting, he is trying to get his point across. This is because he may not know what is the better way to get himself heard. You need to teach him to be patient and use his words effectively to get his point noticed without the need of hitting. Also to the older one you will have to teach that he needs to look up from his work and listen to his sibling and respond to him.

These are the major scenarios that is causing your toddler to hit the older kid. Knowing them well might help you deal the situation in a better way.

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