How To Soothe Your Little One When Teething

The first year after the birth of the baby is lined up with so many milestone moments for their parents. It is the time when they experience the maximum growth, they have a number of first like the first cry, uttering their first word, crawling, standing on their feet for the first time etc. Another crucial development is the coming of the baby teeth.

While the teething phase goes without much fuss, but for majority it is a serious pain and trouble. When those milk teeth begin to erupt from the delicate baby gums, it  cause much irritation and itching with soreness and swelling of the gums. This can lead to the infant becoming restless as well as irritable.

So while your child is going through this discomfort, here how you can calm your teething baby:

Give them Gum Massage

gum massage

Gently massaging your child’s sore gums can greatly help in relieving the pain. Maintain proper hygiene, wash your hands thoroughly once you start the soothing activity. You may use a soft clean cloth, cooled in a refrigerator for the purpose and then wrapping around your fingers. Give such massages 2-3 times a day, for about 5-10 minutes. Be very gentle and soft.

Cold Spoon Soothing

cold spon massage

This is one of the most used and effective ways of calming your teething baby. Keep a spoon in the refrigerator and then let your child take it. When the swollen gums will itch or irritate, the baby instinctively would want to fight it off by putting something into his mouth and biting it. The cold spoon will provide much relief.

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Teething Gels: If the pain is much, and your child is too restless for long hours, you may use teething gels to soothe those sore gums. It numbs the area where applied thus easing the pain. However, gels should be applied only if your baby is 4 months or older. If not, rubbing your finger gently over the baby’s gum is the only safest option you have.

Teething Toys

teething toys

With baby teeth first making their appearance, their is a strong urge of chewing something or the other in babies. This is because of the pressure the milk teeth put on the sensitive gums to erupt out. Teething toys, thus, come as great saviors for they are safe things to hand to your baby to chew on. There are a variety of options available in the market, with teething rings as the most opted. You too should give them a try to provide some calm and good distraction for your teething child.

Cold Food

cold food

The idea is to have a cold touch that heals the pain. If your baby has started with slid-food intake, giving them small pieces of raw carrots (cooled in the refrigerator) to chew on could be a great option. Or if semi-solid is where you’ve got so far, then feed them chilled yogurt, or cucumber.

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Pain killer Medicine: This is not a recommended option, but if the case is extreme, consult a doctor to prescribe some pain killers to the suffering baby. However, with proper care, most babies sail through the process without having to use this option. Also, the parents should not act over sensitively and not make too much fuss when the baby shrieks and shouts a bit. Be sure when his pain is genuinely unbearable and you’ve used the above options in vain that you approach the doctor for the OTC medication.

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