Introducing Bottle To A Breastfed Baby

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When you introduce a milk bottle to your baby who you’ve been breast feeding can have two reactions. Either the baby will welcome it and adjust to the new technique immediately or may just reject it looking for your breasts. This transition period may be tough for some mothers while easy for others. The foremost thing is choosing an equipment that reduces the newness of the bottle for the baby and makes it easy for him to make the switch. There are different types of bottles and you can choose the one that suits you best. Once that is done you need to focus on the technique you will be using for this transition to take place. We are here for just that, we have lined up some techniques that will work well in this situation. Read on!

Step 1
When you are first introducing the bottle make sure you give him less quantity of milk, 1 tbsp will be just fine. This will give you an idea as to how the baby is reacting to this change. Do this for the first few offerings to let the baby get accustomed to it. If you are feeding breast milk to him by a bottle don’t think too much about wastage, his leaning is very important!

Step 2
While you are feeding him with a bottle keep his head higher than his bottom. Try to align him straight just as you would want for your body while you are sipping on your daily cup. Little babies are very delicate and just like us, wont enjoy being fed in an uncomfortable position!

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Step 3
Tickle the upper lip of your baby with the tip of the bottle. This will make him open his mouth so that you can easily put the nipple inside his mouth. Never force the bottle in his mouth before waiting for him to open it. When you jam it into him, he is more likely to repel it and not easily learn this technique!

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Step 4
The angle at which you incline the bottle while he is feeding has a major role to play. Make sure you provide him an angle that is gravity neutral because the more you tilt it the more will be the flow of the milk. Allow the baby to hold the bottle but maintain the angle yourself and tilt it further when the bottle is drained!

Step 5
Take cues from your baby’s behavior. If she is showing resistance through turning head or grimacing then don’t force her. Keep trying but also wait for your baby to accept the bottle. As need be allow her breaks in between so that she takes it in a positive way.

These tips might help you ease out the transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding. Stay tuned for more parenting tips, we are always happy to help!

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