Life Lessons That Video Games Teach Your Child


Its on a daily basis or at least on a weekly basis that you ask your kids off the video games, right? That deafening volume, violence and ugly characters, is bound to throw you off from your peace mode! You want them to concentrate more on studies and outdoor activities that can help them learn some life lessons. But you know what, they can learn them all in their living room while them entertain themselves with video games. You don’t believe that!

Kids are growing up and they will be spending time glued to these games. No matter how much you fight, you can’t keep them away from these gadgets and you shouldn't! Well there are video games that teach life lessons to kids, such fun and learning. Now that’s a double benefit! Check out the list of lessons that your kids can learn through spending some time with this techno buddy of theirs!

Don’t Trust Random Strangers
From a young age kids are taught to be careful while talking to strangers and as they grow up in a safe environment they ease out of this high alert behavior. But video games can also help them understand that not everyone who shows affection is a friend of yours. They learn that people can and will take advantage of your trusting nature so beware!

Think Out Of The Box
Life will throw new challenges at them everyday and solving them all with the same approach will not be possible. What they will need is an out of the box thinking that will help them sail through the tough situations of life. Video games are just like life in this respect, the hurdles you face there need a different thinking to be crossed. So let them play sometimes, they are learning problem solving!

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Never Give Up
You don’t always solve problems in an instant, sometimes we are stuck up at a thing for long. Same happens in video games when you are unable to cross an area and move to a higher level. These games teach us to be patient and determined with our goals. Try try till you succeed, right? Video games teach your kids that you have to continue your efforts even if they seem unrewarding at the moment to finally reach your goal!

Don’t Fear Failure
Your kids are playing a video game but its not merely that. They are learning that sometimes they will fail in their efforts and shouldn't be disheartened! They not just have to keep trying to reach to the next level but at times will have to start from scratch again to build an empire! Once they learn this basic they can apply it to bigger horizons in life.

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Explore Everything Around
Video games offer you plenty of opportunity to explore the deep unseen tracks and you are likely to stumble upon riches in such places where you least expect them. That’s how real life is, very unpredictable. Kids who have mastered the art of exploring outside their comfort zone through these video games have an edge over the others in the practical world. Who knows they might land up into the biggest job opportunity at a random party or meet the love of their life during a train journey? Exploring is the key!

There definitely are some pros of video games apart from the list of cons that is always handy! So let them play for a while after all they are going to be learning some really valuable life lessons. One day you might even find video gaming in the list of positive parenting tips, you never know!

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