Make Your Kids Share A Room, Yes Do It


As parents, we have little control over our thoughts that wander off to a comparison with other families. Parents which are capable of providing more to their kids than we can are often our center of discussion. Though you may be having enough but one look at these families and you feel incapable. Many of the things that you might resent includes room sharing between your kids. When most families around you can afford a house with separate rooms for all the kids, your 2BHK may seem small. But you know its sufficient for a family of 4 if your kids share a room. Many families with such a situation give away the children room to the older kid and delay the younger kid’s transfer from their room to his own room, because he doesn't have a room of his own! You don’t have to do this people, make your kids share a room. They may have some conditions applied like a TV, bean bags and all but its worth it. They may have conflicts that you are trying to avoid but don’t do that. Living in one room is actually great for your kids, here’s why!



Having two kids of similar ages makes you a referee and putting them in the same room means your duty is 24*7! Don’t visualize them wrestling in the ring (room), though that’s what they’ll be doing anyway. But that’s how kids show their bonding towards each other. If they have a lot of space, they’ll move farther apart but putting them in less of apace would mean they’ll be close. Ya, its physical proximity now but that will change into emotional closeness with time. That will inspire you to warm them up to room sharing for sure!

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Today memories are somewhat restricted to the picture perfect moments at an exotic vacation that can be posted on social media. But if you look back at your childhood, you’ll realize that memories we cherish today are the real things we’ve done as a child. Your priceless memories are the days you’ve spent living with your family and you still miss the small everyday events that used to make your day back then. Our kids deserve that kind of memories, don’t you think? Making them stay in a room will increase the possibilities of making such memories that will stay with them for a life time!

Dealing With Conflicts


Apart from your feeling of incapability that you can’t get them separate rooms, another reason to prevent room sharing is that you dread the conflicts they will have. It is totally understandable as no parent would want their kids to fight like cats and dogs and bring the whole house down. But trust us its not going to be that bad. Conflicts are sure to be there but because they have to live in the same room, they will find a way to resolve their conflicts. That’s the kind of life lesson they ought to learn, dealing with conflicts on their own, right? Put them in that situation, their growth lies in there!

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Since the kids will have a lot less space than the other kids they hang out with, it is obvious that they will crib a bit. But this lack of space will teach them a valuable lesson that will stay with them for life. The art of decluttering is that virtue that they will learn early in life and that’s going to save them lot of troubles when they grow up. As a parent you will have to initiate this by trashing toys and clothes that they don’t use now. With time they will themselves feel the need to declutter the room to make space for the things that they really need. That’s a great virtue you are instilling in them!

Humble Lifestyle

life lessons

Your kids might have less than what some of their peers have but they certainly have more than what many kids around the world get. Share with them the knowledge that they have far too much than most kids in terms of space and gifts. If your kids are a big fan of Christmas due to the presents they are showered with them, tell them that there are plenty of kids who don’t get festive gifts. Chances are that they will look shocked but it will encourage them to empty their cabinets of the stuff that they no longer want and donate them for a good cause. They will also learn to live more humbly and will grow up to be charitable adults!

Forget about your fears of your kids fighting in the boundary of their small space and make them share a room. It might be tough for a few days but it will be rewarding later on. The positives to room sharing may even inspire families with enough rooms for all the kids to try shifting them in one room to learn the most precious lessons of life!

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